It starts in the middle….

…. Remember… Do you? We think we do. But where a seed is planted isn’t usually so obvious. Where a seed is planted is the start. The time we think we are beginning is really closer to the middle. 

Starting points, they appear to be many rather than a simple one. The idea starts the mind. The vision starts the passion. The hands start the labor. 

Where on my journey am I? Where on the road am I now? Just here, from where I came and how I got here I often do not really know. Even though each step for each goal is planned, with the precision of an architect, I am the architect of my life, yet Life is a part of it, even more so than myself, and it is Life who’s hand I take ahold of, to join with, to live freely without regret, shame, fear of failure, but to embrace gratitude, pride, and every accomplishment that is set before me not as a conquest, but as a union.

With the voices of the breezes of the willows and the waters, I walk, engage, and discover each moment as a gift.

Mya Sharizyn